Parisian vibe in London

There is so much beauty in simple days filled with long walks and warm cups of tea. As days get colder and shorter, we start to appreciate every second of sunlight. I have expressed my love for Mayfair as being a universal playground for photoshoots (whether it is an engagement, a portrait or a family session you are after). I can help you find all the beautiful locations and cafes that it has to offer.

Yet with the Christmas season on our doorsteps - it was time to look for fresh locations and ideas, which I knew my clients would appreciate. After all, our city is one of the most architecturally and culturally rich and deserves to be explored properly.

As I set off to Tottenham Court Road - in front of me the beautiful area of Fitzrovia is laid beautifully. I go to the quiet, beautiful Charlotte Street to find the architectural gem - the  Charlotte Street Hotel.

We take a seat outside, order a pastry basket and coffee and start channeling the Parisian vibes. 

Enough talking, see the visuals that will make you wanna have croissants and coffees.

Ooh La La, don't forget your beret:)